I’m a post-high-school, pre-college, student who has a passion for doing things. In an effort to ensure that my last summer before college is one that I remember forever, I endeavor to do 100 things in 10 weeks. If any of the things that I do intrigue you, do them! This is all about going out and doing things that take you out of your comfort zone.

At the beginning of each week, I will post a list of 10 things that I hope to accomplish in the next seven days. I’ll blog and record as much as I can to share with the world and hope to see the creations and exploits of others. I will also present a compilation of my favorite things that other people did during the past week so if you do some of these things, send them my way via social media (twitter, Facebook, or even email: lorina.goseekfind@gmail.com). Make sure to use #100thingsofsummer and the hashtag for each activity (ex: #thingnumberone). Remember, this is about having fun and trying new things so feel free to go crazy and involve your friends!

The goal is simple: More people doing more things and making more more memories.




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