Look Ma! I Made A Thing!

Thing #10: Make Something That You Find on Pinterest

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I really do love making things, anything really, and I don’t know why I don’t do it that much. Our entire world and society was created by people who liked making things and making things often. I made a scarf, which isn’t that world-changing (I mean, it’s a nice scarf and all), but imagine all the people in the world who are destined to make world-changing things. What if the people who held the keys to creating the next great invention or cure or book were just too busy watching Netflix to make things?

Creating is so important and inspiring others to create is just as important.

So, go make something! (This scarf is really easy, I actually made two because I liked it so much, so if you’re not an expert creator, this may be the thing for you)



Snail Mail and Using Your Friends

Thing #1: Write and send a letter to an old friend.
Let’s be honest, letters are one of the most intimate forms of nonverbal communication. In a world as connected though technology as ours, taking the time out of your day to write and send a letter may seem too hard. That’s why I decided to include a lot of writing and conversation in my list of things, the very first being writing and sending a letter to an old friend.

snail mail

I won’t talk about the contents of my letter but I can talk about the person I sent it to. She has been my friend for over ten year and our relationship runs deep in that our parents and siblings are all friends too. When I moved across the country eight years ago, she was one of the few people I tried to stay in touch with but, inevitably, we did grow apart. I decided to write to her because her friendship has been one of the few constant things in my life, always there if I ever needed it but not an all consuming thing.

Friends, whether met on the internet or though everyday interactions, just may be the most underutilized and underestimated resource we have. They remind us that there are people out there who share our views and our hobbies, who enjoy spending time with us, and ultimately think we are worth sharing their lives with. Friendship is weird in that everyone has a different view on what it is. To some, a friend is just a person that you enjoy spending a lot of time with. To others, the true measure of friendship is how willing you are to take a bullet for someone.

friendship cs lewis

Snail mail may be annoying to deal with but I believe that a good old handwritten letter provides a touch of personalization, a feeling of importance, and the idea that the person opening the seal in a couple of days is worth your time.


100 Things of Summer: An Introduction

I didn’t want this to be just another summer. It is, after all, my last summer holiday before college. Netflix is great and waking up at one in the afternoon is great, but it’s not what I want to remember about the next few months. I want every minute possible to mean something and I want to look back and think wow, let’s do it again. Therefore, over the next ten weeks, I aspire to do 100 things that I’ve either never done or involve me stepping out of my comfort zone (which won’t be that hard because it’s pretty small). Each week I will attempt ten new tasks and I want others to do them with me.

I encourage everyone and anyone to join in my adventures and complete activities.You’ll notice that some of the challenges are extremely vague so feel free to get creative. Record your experiences using pictures, videos, or just about any method you can think of. I’ll be blogging about my experiences here, on my Facebook page and on my twitter account (@go_seek_find). I’ll be posting a new list weekly and sharing some of my favorite things that other people have done the previous week so make sure to use #100thingsofsummer and the hashtag for each activity (ex: #thingnumberone).

Don’t worry about doing anything in order (I probably won’t) and remember to have fun! Do some of these things with friends or a significant other! If you have any suggestions for things to do (preferably things that would be easy for people to do regardless of age or size of bank account) send them my way!

My goal is simple: More people doing more things and making more meaningful memories.

Dear people of Earth: GO, SEEK, and FIND!

Week 1